In the layout room, nobody can hear you scream

November 2016

Thanksgiving - Things for which I am thankful

I had a nice Thanksgiving with all the family. We ate tons of food and played some fun games. And we did our best to prop up the economy on Black Friday.

We all should take some time out and consider those things for which we are thankful. I'm thankful for many things: elastic bands in pants, radial tires, 24-hour ATMs, you know, the usual things.

But I am also thankful for my buddy, Joe. Sunday after Thanksgiving, Joe took mercy on me and offered to help me with a couple of misbehaving turnouts on the Mighty MKT. We call that "removing suck" on the layout, of which the St. Louis Sub has plenty.

Joe is a master at sussing out the problem (he does that for a living, so he's literally a pro at it). And he knows his way around a NMRA track gauge (a skill that comes in handy with the babes). It's a real treat to watch the master at work, complete with the attendant cussing, exhortations, and finally joy, that accompanies the task.

So, let's all lift another glass of eggnog to the people in our lives that help us out when we need it - people like JOE!

Joe is hard at it, removing suck on the Mighty MKT!

Joe in the "zone"

Me, after all the Thanksgiving food I ate


Yoda brings it!

I know that it's not railroad or modeling related, but I just HAD to post this video of Yoda schooling Luke on Dagoba.

Great photos of 1980 railfanning in KC

I model 1984, and this recently posted video of photos showing train activity in Kansas City in 1980 is a real treasure!

How I'm gonna feel when the Intermountain SD40-2s arrive!