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Layout upgrades prior to the 2016 National N-Scale Convention (June 2016)

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Union Pacific industries at Boonville
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MKT industries at Boonville
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Boonville flyover
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Location of future cement transfer facility at Columbia
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Team track at Columbia
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Lumber yard at Columbna
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East end industries at Mokane
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West end industries at Mokane
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Pigs passing Mokane
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New Franklin Industrial Park
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New Franklin Industrial Park
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MFA Coop and Yuasa Battery at East Rhineland
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Missouri Electric and Bergdorf Implement at West Rhineland
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Tavern Rock Sand and Gravel at St. Charles
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ACF Car Repair and NS interchange at St. Charles
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Drone shot of Westinghouse
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Keith working the yard
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Franklin Yard engine facility
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Overview of the layout room
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Stacks passing through Boonville
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Freight train under Columbia bridge
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Best part of the op session…Snacks!
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Eric working Westinghouse
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Stacks rounding the Booneville depot approach
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MKT herald carved in the limestone cliff near Rocheport, Missouri. Local tradition says it was carved by Sacagawea when the Lewis and Clark expedition returned to St. Louis.
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Bret working on the C/MRI program that makes all the yummy goodness happen on the Mighty MKT!
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Some of the layout wiring (located under St. Charles) that drives the signaling and staging logic.
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Vintage photo of Bret working on the programming logic for the layout.
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New backdrop construction behind the Hazelwood Autoramp Facility at St. Charles
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More backdrops at Hazelwood
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Recent upgrades include adding exterior security lighting to the buildings at Mokane!
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