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Bret’s hand-picked Hall of Awesomeness

Here are some web pages that I particularly enjoy:

Joe Kasper’s mind-blowing Burlington Northern, Marias Division - fricken awesome, is all I can say. Envied by Elite Operators™ everywhere. And now even BETTER, with the addition of the MKT’s hottest train in the 1980’s, the Houston-Chicago Express (HCX on the Katy, also known as “THE BULL”.

Pat Lana’s awesome CRANDIC - Pat is a long-time friend, and an amazing modeler

Darryl Kruse’s Geneva Subdivision of the Union Pacific - Darryl is another long-time friend and has a GREAT layout!

Steve Priest’s St. Louis Division of the ATSF - A great friend and an amazing modeler with an amazing layout

Lance Mindenheim’s blog and how-to articles are great

Prairie Rail 2018 - A bi-annual celebration of model railroad operations in Kansas City. There are many great layouts to learn about on the site

Link to photos of the MKT in Kansas City (rrarchives)

Nice History of the Katy at the Sedalia Depot Web Site

History of the Early MKT at the Oklahoma State University digital archives

Another history of the MKT, with a Texas slant

City maps of Kansas from the KDOT web site

Great pics of the MKT in Kansas City (from the RR Picture Archive site)

The incredible John W. Barringer III online library of railroad photos

A page full of small layout ideas! Great for daydreaming and perusing for layout design elements

A great model railroad blog: Port Rowan in 1:64. I really like his concept of 'achievable layouts'

Link to a ton of great photos of the old viaduct at New Franklin (now long gone).

Iowa Interstate Railroad

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If I was to start over, I would give strong consideration to modeling the Iowa Interstate Railroad. The railroad runs from Omaha to Chicago, using former Rock Island track. It has a yard in Council Bluffs, Iowa, my home town, and the trains run close by my parent’s house.

The Unofficial IAIS Photo Archive and Railfan’s Guide

Official Railroad web site
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The Mighty Katy