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Series vs Parallel Resistors

I always need to look this up, so I am posting it here in case anyone else finds it useful (you Elite Operators™ probably already have it memorized)

series and parallel

And, while we're at it, here's an Ohm's Law cheat sheet that I've often found useful:

ohms law

But is it "Modeling"? Part 2

Website screenshot of MKT

So I spent another night on train-related activities tonight, but I didn't go into the train room. In fact, I didn't even go down to the basement, where my work bench and all my "train stuff" is located. But I did 3-4 solid hours of work on the hobby.

I spent (yet another) entire evening working on the Web Site (yes,this web site). I revised the discussion on operations (still not happy with it), added a link to a cool paper on the New Franklin Viaduct (a future modeling project), and generally tidied up several pages. So, does this count as "modeling"?

I know that if you are working on your NMRA Master Model Railroader, a web site can count toward partial credit for the Author Achievement Award, so somebody finds value in the work. But I wonder, as the owner of a layout with a lengthy layout to-list, whether this evening is "wasted". I wonder whether the time would have been better spent doing "real" work on the layout - applying ballast to Tavern Rock, or tackling the long-delayed yard ballasting project (yikes!).

I refuse to consider it a waste of time, as I really enjoy working on the web site and, after all, the hobby is supposed to be enjoyable (at least that's what I keep telling myself, especially when I'm hosting an operating session). But still, any time spent on the web site is time not spent on the layout.

The fact that I can sit on my a$$ all night and click a mouse or type a bit, coupled with the fact that I'm an inherently lazy person, make the prospect of a night behind the computer attractive. But, just as a person can't get their nutritional needs met by eating only dessert, nor will the layout get built by creating a fun (hopefully) and informative (hopefully) web site.

So, I make this promise to myself. Tomorrow night, after supper, I will get directly to the basement and install those LED street lights in East Rhineland that have been on my list for weeks!