In the layout room, nobody can hear you scream

More progress on the JMRI Panel


I've made a lot of progress on the JMRI panel since last time, adding most of the remaining on-layout signals to the panel, and latching the panel logic to the C/MRI hardware to light the signals on the layout. The hardware logic is a bit of an iterative process, since the data entry is manual and the software is pretty finicky about get the correct address entered to light the LEDs!

I'm using a simple ABS signaling logic, which is perfect for my needs. I'm losing a bit of functionality at the moment. For example, the C/MRI signals will knock down to red on any change, delay a tick, then show the proper aspect…the JMRI signals do not have this feature. It's the ability to program in those neat features that I really miss in the JMRI system. But I'm really digging the look of the panel, so, to paraphrase Clarke of "Lewis and Clarke" fame, I will "proceed on".