In the layout room, nobody can hear you scream

But is it modeling?


After my op session on Wednesday, I had several new items on my layout to-do list. Now my to-do list is about 10 pages long, probably not unlike any other layout owner's list. But I added several items that the typical modeler/layout owner may not have - programming upgrades.

With the exception of late-morning/early afternoon on Saturday (which I spent running on the awesome CB&Q - Hannibal Division), I spent the ENTIRE weekend working on improvements to the dispatchers screen. And my ongoing question as I spend hour after hour in front of the computer screen is: Does this count as modeling?

The picture above shows how I spent my time. I am adding code to drive my existing signals with the JMRI PanelPro software. This software is VERY powerful and full of options, but there is a bit of a learning curve. I'm in the process of defining the output that drive individual red, green, and yellow LED signal, then defining signal heads, comprised of those three individual LEDs. It is very precise work and requires a decent level of organization and record keeping.

I guess that I will call it modeling until somebody corrects me.