Track Cleaning Tips

Bonus Elite Operator™ content

Track cleaning method for Elite Operators™

Nothing brings an op session to a grinding halt (literally) quicker than dirty track. Here is one method for cleaning track, developed though bitter experience by my buddy Joe, a certified Elite Operator™.
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Joe Kasper's track cleaning method for awesome running:
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  1. Use a Cratex track cleaning block from Walthers. The Cratex has a finer abrasive than the classic "brite boys", and we think it does a better job to 'polish' the track without the scratches from the more abrasive alternatives.
  2. Pick one train and clean the engines
  3. Run it everywhere using the Cratex in front of it.
  4. Clean the wheels again when done
  5. Pick another train and clean the engines
  6. Run it everywhere. If it stalls. Run your fingers on the track looking for paint residue.
  7. If you get black, use a cloth to rub the rails clean

Clean all your yard and industry tracks with the Cratex

Check all the turnout points. The Cratex sometimes catches on the fine N-scale turnout points and breaks them from the PC ties. Better to find them now than during a session!

For years, Joe (and also the Mighty MKT) used clipper oil to improve locomotive operation. Clipper oil worked fine, but the consensus slowly developed that it created gunk problems on the wheels and rail over time. Therefore, the used of clipper oil has diminished or been eliminated from Joe's layout. And also from the Mighty MKT!